Frequently Asked Questions

How was your Chicken & Fish recipe formulated?

We worked with pet nutritionists and other pet food experts to formulate a nutritious, well-balanced diet using 17 natural ingredients derived only from whole foods.

What are whole foods and why are they beneficial to your dog?

Whole foods provide nutrients that have not been modified from their natural state and are not blended with other food byproducts, chemicals, or additives. When these natural ingredients are absorbed by the body, they provide benefits which are crucial for healthy bodily function.

Does your food have a high level of protein?

Yes, Special Bloom’s food contains twice the amount of protein compared to other cooked food on the market.

Why do you disclose the carbohydrate concentration on your food label?

Special Bloom’s recipe contains a low level of carbohydrates compared to other cooked and commercial dog food, as dogs do not need a high level of carbohydrates in their diet. Excessive carbohydrates may among other things lead to unwanted weight gain.

Does your food help with any medical conditions?

No, but it provides all of the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for a balanced diet, which will help your dog to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Why should I not cook food for my dog?

Before we formulated Special Bloom’s recipe, we cooked food for our dogs. As we educated ourselves we discovered that the food we were cooking was not balanced and lacked the required vitamins and minerals that our dogs needed. Special Bloom’s food has all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients to provide a healthy and balanced diet.