"I'm in love with my
Special Bloom

Natural Dog Food"

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We Challenged
the Experts

and Created a Healthier Dog Food

We were told by various pet food experts that a dog food diet free of fillers, premixes and preservatives was not possible.

Our Goal

Special Bloom Natural Dog Food understands that dog parents have a challenging job when trying to select the best quality food for their dog. Special Bloom makes this decision easy for our customers with our Chicken & Fish diet, which is nutritionally balanced, contains 17 natural ingredients and is human grade and grain free.

We Worked With Pet Nutritionists

We have created a perfectly balanced dog food diet. It's a lightly-cooked, adult maintenance diet from which every adult dog can benefit.

Truly Delicious Food for Your Dog to Enjoy

A Personal

When one of the founders' dogs, Gia Special, had an adverse reaction to her regular dog food, they were inspired to create something much healthier for her to eat.

We Challenged

the Professionals

Special Bloom Natural Dog Food has 17 Natural ingredients. Our food can be mixed with your food, served as a treat, or served by itself as a fully balanced diet.

Our Food is

 Our gourmet pet food is made in small batches by hand and is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.


 Our food is Human Grade, fully Balanced, Nutritious and Grain Free as well as high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 and contains no preservatives, fillers or premixes.

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"We feed our three dogs your food and they love it. Their coats look great too!"

Susan P.